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I am more than pleased to share my experience and knowledge regarding Ms. Stanley’s professionalism, integrity, and work ethic. It is seldom in life, that one has the benefit of meeting someone of Ms. Stanley’s caliber. She is honest, sincere, conscientious, dependable, caring, and an expert in her field. Without the compassionate and valuable support Ms. Stanley has provided, my family would have been devastated.

I can’t say enough positive words to describe or measure the value of Ms. Stanley’s character. She is top-notched on all levels of professionalism and has thrived to exceed all my expectations. Ms. Stanley will truly be an asset to you and to anyone who will have the opportunity to have her serve on their team. She is the best of the best

                 ~The Davis Family

Mrs. Stanley has a passion to do what is required to afford all children with the tools, resources, support and appropriate settings necessary to enable them to reach their full potential and have a successful and happy future. She does this with a sense of excitement while remaining very professional. I can't wait to recommend her to other families in need of these services as I am confident that they will find it very rewarding.


            ~The Scott Family


Ms. Stanley, from Loud Voices Together, provided me with very valuable information, which helped me come out of denial and seek the assistance to provide resources for my children. It was a process to accept that this is what is really going on and I was not alone in this process. 

Before I had contacted my local Infant and Toddler Program, Ronnetta forwarded me a few pages that laid out how the process would work, helped me understand the verbiage that would be used, and really prepared me for this journey of new found vulnerability. I felt openness to finally getting the resources needed to help my sons.

          ~ The Maldonado Family

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